Tips for USA Tourist Visa Interview – B1/B2 visa interview questions

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What are common US tourist visa interview questions and answers? Check out this B1/B2 visa interview video to find out.
In this GrayLaw TV immigration video, Immigration Attorney Courtney talks about common tourist visa interview questions and answers.

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Can you visit your boyfriend or girlfriend in the US? Can you marry your boyfriend or girlfriend on a tourist visa? Get all the answers in this video.

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20 thoughts on “Tips for USA Tourist Visa Interview – B1/B2 visa interview questions

  1. I am from an east european country that is in the EU but still required a visa. I got a student visa and a 10 year tourist visa in the past. They had plenty of reasons to refuse me, and they refused my sister three times for a tourist visa several years ago. If they see you are not a genuine person or you go there for other reasons than what the visa is for, they will see that and reject you outright. Clearly if you are begging for a visa you have shady motives, no reasons to let you in.

  2. My interview is on the 23th thanks it has been very helpful and one question what are the chances of a student getting a touristic visa ?

    1. +Kae beautycorner    yep, I know how frustrating it can be, if you’ve already applied again the chances that you ll be denied are 90%, the US embassy is the only one worldwide that has a strict rule, “once they deny you first time they will always deny you” but if you haven’t then I advise you to take your time, visit other countries just to have a collection of visas on your passport then afterwards give it a try again. A few questions,,
      1. Married
      2. Kids
      3. Religion
      ?? 🙂 sorry I’m asking over a public forum, we can chat more on Instagram if you don’t mind of course, I could help with some tips on what to do, I have helped any others as well on this matter.

    2. Paul O thanks for your help but I don’t have that option right now so I’m crossing my fingers on applying again and it’s just a one week visit visa I don’t know why in the hell its impossible to get it for real I just wanna visit period for one week

    3. +Kae beautycorner so sad you were denied, but I ll tell you why, that’s because you applied from Algeria, let’s say you’re residing in Europe and working here then certainly you ll have a bigger chance plus it’s best to apply stating your visiting a family.
      What’s your plan? If you want to try again then I advise that you move to Europe first, get a job etc then you can apply again.

    4. Paul O I’m from Algeria I actually applied and the consul didn’t even ask me much question he just denied me saying I cant accept your visa right maybe an other time ! No reasons no why’s

  3. This is indeed very helpful. I will have my interview on June 7 this year. ☺️

  4. my brother got 10yrs visa. they only asked him the reason of his trip. he said attending a business convention plus tour. they gave him 10 yrs visa within 5 minutes interview. he has another 3 yrs for the visa to expire. 2012 -2022

  5. They didn’t ask me any questions. The moment he saw my nationality, he quietly handed me a prepared decision which stated that members of certain race or nationality are denied visa because it is assumed that they all want to move to America. Gush!! That is pure racism. I have a permanent job and a permanent residency in my current country of residence. I have a beautiful house. I won’t leave all that to go and be on the streets of America. I had a business training of 4 days to attend in the states from my job. But the racist didn’t even check my documents or ask me any questions.

  6. Thank you!
    Shorter approach for the positive results would be to have the filled questionnaire on top of your passport along R/T ticket & bank statement ( perferably Bank of America)with large amounts to cover the duration of visit

  7. So if I put in my ds160 I am traveling with someone else which is my girlfriend and she already has a visa should I take the visa print from her passport or they will know that ?

    1. You have to send your passport in . No copy off your girlfriend they will not allow it. When they put your tourist Visa in your passport .
      It look like it already came with the passport looks really good

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