USA F1 Visa Myths | Preparation Tip | Common F1 Visa Questions and Answers

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There are so many myths and misunderstanding about F1 Visa – so in this video I am trying to clarifying all of them. Please do your own research!

Disclaimer – I am not your immigration lawyer please consult professional lawyer to discuss your case. This is purely my opinion and based on my research and experience.

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10 thoughts on “USA F1 Visa Myths | Preparation Tip | Common F1 Visa Questions and Answers

  1. Got it! The US Immigration officer is trying to determine “intention” not “qualification”.
    Thanks Yudi, great stuff. Debunking those myths will be really helpful.

  2. Hi yudi. Just one more myth I would like to ask, what if my sponsor is in the US? How do I handle that

  3. Your timings for such videos are so right Yudi! 👍
    Just had conversation with my friend regarding his F1 and he said he’s probably not getting any admit this semester for masters in CS & told the chance for getting an admit in august is bleak too.
    I suggested him to take experience till then.

  4. dont pay heed to haters. i dont mind long videos especially on visa info. its better to know as much as we can to be at ease. continue on f1 visa interview. cheers

  5. Heyy!
    Thanks yudi for these awesome and helpful videos.
    I came across one of your video the day before my visa interview and your answers were exactly what I thought I should say, and I definitely did and got my f1 visa approved!
    Thanks a ton!✌🏻😌

  6. Why did u choose this progam (Mechanical Engineering) ?
    Sir please answer this question ,,,,

  7. Got all answers of my questions

    in one video!! Thanks a ton yudi Bhai…this gave me a lot of confidence:) awesome job…keep it up😍🤗👍

  8. Hello hope you’re doing good. Could you please tell, why so many visa rejections happenings recent days, my interview will be on 23rd…please reply I need your guidance..

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